The Small Town America Series

Melody knew she had to leave the bright lights, the hectic schedule and the traffic jams of sin city. She had to escape the rushed city life and go to a new place where she could clear her mind of him.

When Melody broke up with Jake, she didn’t think she could ever move on. He was everywhere she went, literally. Even in Las Vegas where there were more clubs than churches, Melody couldn’t go out with her friends without running into him and his new girlfriends.

Melody found her escape in a little town in Utah called Washington, just two hours north of Vegas. She wanted to start over, while still protecting her heart. What she didn’t expect was him. Now Melody has to decide whether protecting her heart means to close herself off from the world, or allow someone else in it.

This is the first in a series of novels and love stories written by Jen. You can read the first chapter of her novels on her blog. All content is property by Jen and may not be used in anyway in print or online, or for any other use without the written permission of Jen.

All rights reserved 2011


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