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Letters from Steve Jobs

Photo courtesy of Forbes

Being an Apple fan – I mean a MAJOR Apple fan (thanks to work, friends and Christmas presents I am proud to be using a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone 4, itouch, a few ipods lying around, but no iPad yet or iPhone 4S. My dream is to actually own them all one day.) – I find it entertaining when listeners would call the radio show and talk about how ruthless Steve Jobs was.

Now, those same anti-Apple/Jobs listeners can see a rare and sensitive side of Jobs, and more ruthlessness from him, too.

CNN tech writer Mark Milian has compiled many emails between Jobs and his consumers, or consumers of AT&T. You can purchase the book, Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs, on Amazon for only $2.99.

It’s Apple related, so I just bought mine.

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Coolest iPhone Apps

Super 8

I realize that the purpose of the Super 8 video app is to promote their new movie (which looks really good), but the app is really pretty dang cool. It makes any video look like it was shot in the ’70s. As an added bonus, because of the suspense of the upcoming movie, you’re waiting for that “jump at you terrifying moment” when you watch a video made with the Super 8 app.


I’m not a great photographer and I don’t have a great camera. I use my iPhone camera a lot, but even better I love the Instagram app. Any photo can be instantly changed with lighting and made to look professional and creative.


Shameless plug, I know. But it really is a cool app and awesome way to listen to our radio show each morning. You can post right on the KZNU wall and listen to the show even if you aren’t near the radio.

Other favorites:

Square Up allows you to process credit cards on your phone

Shazam records anything I’m listening to on the radio so I can remember to buy the track in iTunes later

myAT&T so I can pay my phone bill quickly

MC tracks “women stuff”



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What’s your favorite thing about reporting news?

What's your favorite thing about reporting news? 1 answer on Quora

What's your favorite thing about reporting news?

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What’s the Real ROI on Social Media?

You’ve jumped on the bandwagon, you’ve joined dozens of sites and now your business is going to grow ten fold because you have a Facebook business page. Or is it?

Dr. Shannon Treece, author of Strategies & Tactics for Women, did a study on whether social media really pays off. You might be surprised by these 32 answers from real businesses who have tried it for themselves. But just remember, “Social media will NOT equal dollars if you’re just posting willy nilly, and also it doesn’t ‘make’ relationships but it can open doors.”

For 32 tips on maximizing your business with social media, visit Treece’s findings at

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Social Media – Everyone’s Doing It

social mediaOh how I love the concept of Facebook: Keep in touch with friends from years past, track down old high school friends to see how they have aged, play Scrabble with your best friend because she lives in an hour away so you don’t get to see her often. I love Twitter, quick and brief news updates, Instagram, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Yelp … the list goes on and on. And now there is a new thing called “Stik” that I haven’t checked out yet.

“But, Jen!” <gasp> “It’s part of Social Media and you MUST do it!!”

That might be true. And it might not be. I haven’t looked into it yet to see if it is.

I really do love social media, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. You’re shocked, I know.

I am currently putting together the marketing analysis for the company I work for. It is several dozen pages and includes what we’ve been doing, what we need to be doing, and the timeframe. And guess what? The social media part comes in later, much later.

I’ve been watching businesses jump on board with Facebook and I think it’s great. Engaging your customers and fans is a wonderful idea and Facebook pages is a good way to do that. But now you’re throwing out your marketing and PR plans and thinking that Facebook is going to bring in this huge revenue and you did it for free! Um, back up a few steps. Social Media does NOT replace customer service. It does NOT replace personal contact. It helps spread word of mouth referrals but I sure hope you aren’t putting all your eggs in that basket.

I love teaching people how to use social media in their companies, but I think one of the most important things that you need to remember, is that social media should enhance your current marketing plan – not replace it. This week I’ll be putting together an article titled “How to Incorporate Social Media Into Your PR and Marketing Campaigns.” I hope that you find it useful and that you can try the things I’ve learned from the experts I’ve come to trust.

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Are You Attracting Readers?

I received an email from the Examiner today with five tried and true tips for getting more readers. I know that it was an email meant for us journalists, but I think it also applies to bloggers, social media posts, etc.

The very first, most important tip, they explained, is quality, quality, quality. That has always been true and always will be.

I taught a PR and Social Media Marketing class not long ago and I showed the class many examples of good and bad blogs, Facebook business pages, marketing campaigns and PR campaigns. And I can attest that the Examiner is 100% correct. Quality is the most important thing you can have to attract readers and get good attention.

So what does that mean? In newspapers it means that your articles are timely and for the good of the community. In blogs, it means that your blog has a purpose (Unless you’re like me and you are all over the place. I think the purpose of my blog is general advice and sometimes inspiring). Are you using your blog to bring attention to a charity? Maybe it’s for gluten-free recipes. I have another blog that is dedicated to the brokenhearted who write love letters to their lost love (I know, I’m a romantic at heart). I have a friend who focuses on marketing and social media tips. Another who focuses on relationship advice and getting over him. And I even know someone who appears to be using it as a diary or a place to complain about local business members (probably a bad idea).

In Facebook business pages it means you are interacting with your friends, talking with them not at them. You are engaging them, not spamming them with constant posts. In twitter, you have gotten the etiquette of 140 characters while still making your point and including a short URL and some hash tags. Congratulations if you’ve mastered that one!

The point is, you can pay a lot of money to buy links and you can pay a lot of money to an SEO company and there are many many things you can do. But if you have poor quality, it is money and time down the drain. You will not keep your readers coming back. Focus on quality first, everything else second.

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A Facebook Contest I Can Get Behind

facebook contests

I would love to win an iPad! And you just might if you get on Facebook and search out the numerous businesses giving one away just for “liking” their Facebook page. There is no one way to get thousands of people to like you on Facebook just because you created a page. But I think the iPad giveaway just might be the next best thing – until yesterday.

In Washington County, Utah, Dixie Direct and 1Law partnered up with web developers StubThumb to create a brand new contest. “Like” them and enter which local school should win $1,000. Share it on your wall, and receive extra votes. “Like” the second page depending on whether you clicked on Dixie Direct or 1Law first, and get even more extra points. And you can vote daily.

Well it got my attention, I’ve been voting for La Verkin Elementary. Kudos to these local businesses for giving back the community!

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