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Occupy Wall Street without being pepper sprayed

Occupy Wall Street without being pepper sprayed

Most of us have seen the infamous video of protestors being pepper sprayed at UC Davis without cause by officers on campus. Appalling. Maybe the officers love control and were on a power trip. Maybe they were instructed by their higher ups. Maybe, like most of us working, struggling Americans, they are sick of watching people ask for handouts and got fed up.

<Pause to let you curse at me>

I don’t condone the actions of those officers. What they did was wrong. In other recent and more local (to Utah) pepper spray incidents, I haven’t agreed with the police actions but also think people should evaluate the inappropriate conduct of those that were pepper sprayed that led to police pepper spraying them in the first place. However, in the college campus Occupier incident, it appeared to me, as I watched the video, that this pepper spray incident was completely unwarranted.

Here is where I, and many others are struggling: an unemployed, poor community does not help our society. An uneducated society affects us all. The family down the street who cannot feed their children is not only heartbreaking, but also hurts the community as a whole. (If I need to pull up some data to show you, I will. Or you can Google it.) We want a thriving a community that is healthy, employed and not starving. Not to mention that my heart and conscience cannot watch a child go hungry. However, as a single mother working two jobs (down from three), taking money from one to pay for another is also not right.

Those who are working to feed their families, paying their taxes and keeping their jobs are fed up feeling like 50 percent or more of their hard-earned income is going to undeclared wars, parents who spend money on alcohol or drugs instead of food for their kids and foreign aid to countries that hate us.

The majority of us are not the 1 percent, but we’re not the 99 percent either; though we might be soon as the middle class is fading away.

So I agree with you Occupiers on many things. Despite your lack of organization, your unclear demands (which makes you sound more like terrorists) and your frustrating protesting tactics that hurt the general population far more than it hurts the supposed 1 percent, I actually agree with some of your points.

The big banks, the corporations, the greedy bastards who took our taxpayer money and bailed out the failing corporations (that’s the politicians we elected if you were wondering) have me so angry that I want to occupy a Senator’s office – not a park or a bridge.

We have some decent politicians taking office trying to turn things around, and then they are blasted as “not electable” or “crazy.” But then we Americans complain about the injustice of how much money the corrupt ones take in fundraising efforts, we complain about their morals (how the heck is Newt Gingrinch doing so well in the polls?) and we complain about them taking our money to bail out corporations that should have failed. And then we re-elect them. (Again on Newt)

I’m fed up. I am. And here is what I’m going to do about it – I’m going to hit them where it hurts.

I’m going to live within my means.

I’m not going to use credit cards.

I’m not going to get a mortgage I cannot afford.

I’m not going to overdraft my bank and incur fees.

I’m going to use credit unions so that banks like Bank of America that charge enormous fees and kick hardworking people out of their homes will not collect more money.

I’m going to look into a community garden and make friends with my neighbors.

I’m going to go debt-free as soon as I possibly can so I don’t owe the government or their greedy corporate friends any money as they tack on more fees and higher interest rates.

I’m going to shop at businesses that donate to local programs, such as our local high school.

And while it may not solve the problem quickly, I’m hoping that the less money they take from us, they will slowly go out of business.

And then I’m going to keep on eye on my government just as they are keeping an eye on us. Did you know the Senate just passed a bill that allows them to detain American citizens indefinitely? Senator Mike Lee of Utah opposed it. But it still passed. Our government, the people we elected to do the right thing, is willing to label you a terrorist with no proof and hold you indefinitely without a trial. Sounds pretty unconstitutional to me. Why aren’t more citizens appalled over this? Why aren’t we calling out those who voted “yes” and doing everything in our power to remove them from office?

Stand on a bridge if you want to, occupy a park and use taxpayer-paid police resources (which you are pulling away from responding to real and dangerous crimes) if that’s what makes you feel better.

Or do something that counts.

I gave you a list of ideas, share some of yours.


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Dear Congress: America is disgusted with you

Today the Super Committee admitted failure. President Obama then addressed the nation saying he will veto the automatic cuts that would take place in 2013 if the Super Committee failed, and gave the Super Committee double the time they’ve already had to try again.

My boyfriend is a Democrat. I’m a Republican. Here is something we agree on: America is disgusted with Congress and the President as a whole.

What was the point of having a Super Committee? What was the point of voting for the debt ceiling if the President is just going to veto the automatic cuts anyway? WHAT’S THE POINT IN ELECTIONS IF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS DO WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY GO TO D.C. ANYWAY?

Sorry, I, too, am disgusted with Congress.

My boyfriend is angry because both Democrats and Republicans are wrong. Democrats want to protect the poor and Republicans want to protect the rich. Tonight he says to me: they want to know who’s to blame? Send them to my town and I’ll show them they both are. In the meantime, it’s the middle class that’s paying for it and soon there won’t be a middle class left.

Now keeping in mind that he is a supporter of welfare programs (I said he was a Democrat) because he would rather error on the side of caution and help the hard working person who found himself or herself in trouble. He has seen the good that can come from giving someone a helping hand. And sometimes that means you inadvertently help the drug user.

We agree that welfare programs can be beneficial (look at the way the LDS church handles welfare). We don’t want a society of homeless children starving on the streets. But neither of us want the middle class to pay for those who simply refuse to get a job or live off welfare because they make more money on welfare than by getting a job. We both agree that the welfare system needs a serious overhaul and those on welfare should be out working off what they are given.

In a five-minute conversation, we were able to address what the Super Committee couldn’t do in six months. We agreed that fighting in multiple undeclared wars was contributing to the bankruptcy of our country. We agreed that our national guard was created to protect our borders from within and should not be sent overseas.

“Send them home to their families,” he said.

“Pull us out of one undeclared war and there’s 1.2 trillion in less than 10 years saved,” I said.

“Give me 12 random people from across the country and we can do in a day what the Super Committee didn’t do in six months,” he said.

And I think he’s right. Congress spends so much time blaming each other, they aren’t getting anything done. Even Obama had to place the blame on the GOP during his 3-minute speech today.

So here is my contribution to complete what the Super Committee did not:

– Put a time cap on welfare programs and don’t extend them. When they know their money is going to run out, they will get a job.
– Take us out of three undeclared wars and bring our troops home.
– Close the tax loops on the wealthy and big corporations, or just start making them pay the taxes the rest of us pay.

What are your thoughts? You tell Congress how we can handle this 1.2 trillion, and maybe another couple trillion after that.

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Elmo tells CNN he’d fix Congress with play dates

elmo fixes congress with play dates

Those who know me know that I am huge fan of Elmo. I can’t help it. His laugh gets me every time. I’m that annoying person in the store who always pushes the Elmo talking dolls repeatedly.

But now I have even more of a reason to love Elmo.

Elmo joined CNN’s Erin Burnett to speak up about how he would fix Congress. His answer was surprisingly simple: play dates.

Elmo also suggested that everyone bring their food (a much better idea than taking it from someone else), and that they must all share their food with each other. He then suggested everyone sing together.

(Watch video here)

I told you it was simple. And for a moment, it almost gave me hope. I’m sure that will dwindle the second I watch another GOP debate or an interview where Rick Perry just can’t let go of the birther issue with Obama. (Does Perry have nothing else to run on?)

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This is what we’ve created: Judge Judy points out flaws with entitlement programs

Before you read this, please view the above video in its entirety. I was told this clip was removed from CBS. I hope the video works by the time you read this.

(Waiting. No seriously, go watch the video. I’ll still be here when you return.)

Did you watch it? Are you shocked? Has your jaw dropped to the floor?

I should end this blog right here. The video says it all.

But if you watch it, you realize there are still those out there who don’t get it! $70,000+ thrown down the drain! $70,000 to educate a man who doesn’t understand that he has to pay rent with the money the taxpayers gave him for RENT. He decided he didn’t want to pay rent, so he spent the money elsewhere. On himself, he admits. And the worst part, he doesn’t see the problem with that.

As Judge Judy said, we don’t want to pay for your rent, but the government says we have to!

Folks, I don’t want people living on the streets and going hungry but where does it end? Our entitlement programs are not only helping to bankrupt our country, but this is the type of Americans we are creating. What a sad future for our great country if these people will be running things some day.

And while I’m complaining, a message to our Congress:

Please stop using our hard earned money on people who won’t return the favor. Please stop using our taxpayer dollars to fund wars we didn’t agree to and aren’t officially involved in. Please stop building universities in countries that hate us and don’t want us there, but will take our handouts. Please quit taking away our manufacturing jobs and putting Americans on unemployment, and then giving 52 billion dollars to a bank that should have gone under and doesn’t deserve to remain in business. Please stop bailing out large corporations at the expense of the people who elected you into office.

Because if you don’t, we will take back America. We will vote you out. We will march peacefully on the Brooklyn Bridge regardless of how many of us you arrest. We will stand united for the people, not for the members of Congress who steal our money to gain power.

God bless America!


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Is your candidate ‘electable’ or the ‘right’ candidate?

Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul

I admit, a few months ago I heckled my co-host Bryan Hyde about whether Ron Paul was even “electable” and therefore should we waste our time on the matter? If his own party won’t elect him, shouldn’t we be focusing on someone who can win and help us get Obama out of office?

I used to think that way. Then I did something slightly intelligent and I began to study each candidate myself.

Before studying the candidates, I knew what was important to me:

Smaller government
Less entitlement programs
Anti-abortion laws
Bring our troops home and not force other countries to uphold our policies
Quit spreading the American power so thin that it leaves our Country vulnerable
Less regulation on small businesses
Less taxes (let those of us who earned it take care of our families with it.
Cut spending, including welfare and warfare
Give the states back their power and make the federal government accountable to the states

With all that in mind, I began reading (more than just Fox, CNN and MSNBC which you should all know by now that each is horribly bias in their own way), and watching the debates.

It became clear very quickly how much no one wants you to hear about Ron Paul – that very man I teased Bryan about. Of course, that made me wonder what was so great about him that both parties hated him. And I began to study. Low and behold, he believes in many of the same things I do.

And I began noticing that many of the mass media simply refuse to acknowledge him.  Take the Ames straw poll last weekend as a great example. You will hear that Michele Bachmann placed first and Tim Pawlenty third, but then he dropped out. Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman didn’t participate and are still considered strong candidates, although they are Mormons, and according to the mass media, no one is ready to have a Mormon in the White House. Oh and hey, Rick Perry just threw his name in and is already considered a front-runner.

Wait. Back up. We missed something. Who was No. 2?

Ron Paul, who was 200 votes – 1 percent – behind Michele Bachmann was No. 2. For some reason, the media really doesn’t want to talk about him. Neither does the Tea Party who claims to be for smaller government and less welfare. Neither does the Republican Party who claims to be on the side of the Tea Party, in most cases.

Why? As one local Republican delegate told us on air today, he is not electable and they are in the business of electing people.

What if the electable person, say Bachmann who has lately been touting Paul’s more “acceptable” polices, isn’t the “right” person for the job? I’m not saying she isn’t, but if you think Paul is the person to elect, would you instead vote for Bachmann because Republicans believe she is more electable and has a better chance of ousting Obama?

Sadly, many Republicans will say yes.


Because their agenda is not necessarily putting the right President in office, but to get the Democrat out of office. If the shoe were on the other foot, the Democrats would do the same. They vote in the “golden child” with the great hair and charisma because that is how you win an election.

When I discovered that I fell under this category of voting in the electable candidate because of the party I was registered in, I was ashamed.  I tell others all day long that they should do the right thing, even if it isn’t popular.

It was a caller who helped me see the error of my ways today. And from now on, I will vote for the right candidate, regardless of his or her ability to win. I will stand up for what I believe in, regardless of how “the party” feels about it. And then I can always say I felt like I did the right thing, not the popular thing.


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Congress Introduces ‘Members of Congress Should be Paid Last’ Bill

On July 26, Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN5) introduced H.R. 2653, which states that members of congress will be paid last if the Treasury is “unable to liquidate the obligations of the United States Government in a timely manner because the public debt limit has been reached.” It has 23 co-sponsors.

Basically, someone in Congress listened to Americans when they said, “How dare you threaten social security and pay checks for soldiers while debating the national debt ceiling.”

Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) sent out an electronic newsletter on July 28, stating that he supported the bill.

“If default does happen, another paycheck for Members of Congress should not be allowed. Members of Congress should not be getting paid while veterans, seniors and those with disabilities are not receiving their benefits,” Matheson’s statement said.

The bill was referred to the House Committee on House Administration.

The problem is, many bills never make it out of committee. So while Congress debates a debt ceiling they are going to raise anyway and Obama threatens the elderly, 24 members of Congress agree with what the rest of us already know: They should be last in line when checks are sent out Aug. 3.


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CNN’s LZ Gunderson Attacks Michele Bachmann for all the Wrong Reasons

Women provide a valuable asset to our society, but few find the time to make a difference on a national level. Between career, family, keeping up the house, our side projects and our community organizations, women accomplish things that leave men scratching their heads.

No I’m not bashing on men here. They provide a valuable asset, as well. But I think women go largely unnoticed despite the amount of work they do and skills they provide. Women have a large influence in our society and I think there are men out there who are terrified of women coming into power? Why? Well insecurities aside, maybe it’s because women can tackle 10 projects with expertise and not blink an eye.

I have been paying a bit of attention to Michele Bachmann since she announced she would throw her hat in the ring for the GOP 2012 Presidential elections. Bachmann is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and is the first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in Congress (according to Wikipedia).

Bachmann was raised by a single mother after her parents divorced and beat the statistics of becoming “nothing” after being raised in a single parent household. She went to law school, worked for the IRS as an attorney and then left her job to give the ultimate sacrifice – a full time mother. She and her husband were foster parents for 23 children and worked with girls with eating disorders.

As far as I can tell, she doesn’t believe in abortion, helped start a charter school and opposes gay marriage. Oh, and I believe she argued against the completely idiotic light bulb bill. She believes Americans have the right to decide about which light bulbs they want to use – especially since the new ones contain high amounts of mercury.

Light bulbs – sounds silly, right? It is. So why did the bill pass?

Why do I bring all this up? Not because I plan to vote for Bachmann. Ron Paul has got me swayed pretty well for the first time ever.

But because LZ Gunderson, a weekly columnist is at it again. Remember when he called young girls tramps and prostitutes for dressing inappropriately? He had some great points about parents needing to dress their daughters better, but you CANNOT call a girl or woman a tramp or prostitute regardless of what she wears. More on that in a previous column I wrote for Alive! Magazine.

In his new piece on CNN, Gunderson says he just doesn’t get it when it comes to Bachmann. He “gets” Romney (first red flag) but he just doesn’t get Bachmann (second red flag). Hmmm, could it be that Gunderson was the Journalist of the Year by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and Romney ran a state that allowed gay marriage and won’t pick a dog in that fight despite his claim to follow his Mormon faith? Could it be that Bachmann heavily fights against gay marriage?

Gunderson’s biggest issue in this column seems to be that Bachmann wants to rid the nation of porn (I could give you a dozen links from my newspaper on why porn is so extremely damaging to society.) Is regulating porn (not child porn) the right thing to do?

No, you can’t go against the Constitution and take away people’s rights even when they are stupid and ruining themselves and their family. But that doesn’t stop Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) from trying and I don’t see Gunderson writing a column about him. And following the Constitution certainly hasn’t been working for our current Congress and President

So Bachmann has morals. And you want to slam her because of THAT. I would say right now is probably not the time to rid the government of morals. They need them now more than ever.

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