Dear Congress: America is disgusted with you

21 Nov

Today the Super Committee admitted failure. President Obama then addressed the nation saying he will veto the automatic cuts that would take place in 2013 if the Super Committee failed, and gave the Super Committee double the time they’ve already had to try again.

My boyfriend is a Democrat. I’m a Republican. Here is something we agree on: America is disgusted with Congress and the President as a whole.

What was the point of having a Super Committee? What was the point of voting for the debt ceiling if the President is just going to veto the automatic cuts anyway? WHAT’S THE POINT IN ELECTIONS IF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS DO WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY GO TO D.C. ANYWAY?

Sorry, I, too, am disgusted with Congress.

My boyfriend is angry because both Democrats and Republicans are wrong. Democrats want to protect the poor and Republicans want to protect the rich. Tonight he says to me: they want to know who’s to blame? Send them to my town and I’ll show them they both are. In the meantime, it’s the middle class that’s paying for it and soon there won’t be a middle class left.

Now keeping in mind that he is a supporter of welfare programs (I said he was a Democrat) because he would rather error on the side of caution and help the hard working person who found himself or herself in trouble. He has seen the good that can come from giving someone a helping hand. And sometimes that means you inadvertently help the drug user.

We agree that welfare programs can be beneficial (look at the way the LDS church handles welfare). We don’t want a society of homeless children starving on the streets. But neither of us want the middle class to pay for those who simply refuse to get a job or live off welfare because they make more money on welfare than by getting a job. We both agree that the welfare system needs a serious overhaul and those on welfare should be out working off what they are given.

In a five-minute conversation, we were able to address what the Super Committee couldn’t do in six months. We agreed that fighting in multiple undeclared wars was contributing to the bankruptcy of our country. We agreed that our national guard was created to protect our borders from within and should not be sent overseas.

“Send them home to their families,” he said.

“Pull us out of one undeclared war and there’s 1.2 trillion in less than 10 years saved,” I said.

“Give me 12 random people from across the country and we can do in a day what the Super Committee didn’t do in six months,” he said.

And I think he’s right. Congress spends so much time blaming each other, they aren’t getting anything done. Even Obama had to place the blame on the GOP during his 3-minute speech today.

So here is my contribution to complete what the Super Committee did not:

– Put a time cap on welfare programs and don’t extend them. When they know their money is going to run out, they will get a job.
– Take us out of three undeclared wars and bring our troops home.
– Close the tax loops on the wealthy and big corporations, or just start making them pay the taxes the rest of us pay.

What are your thoughts? You tell Congress how we can handle this 1.2 trillion, and maybe another couple trillion after that.

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One response to “Dear Congress: America is disgusted with you

  1. Cale Batt

    November 21, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    You and your boyfriend partially nailed it, Jen.
    1. Government must STOP SPENDING! Pretend the success of the country is inversely proportionate to the national debt because it is.
    2. Citizens must care for each other. Care for your families, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. Pretend your income is proportionate to how well you care for the people you know because it is.


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