Is Sherri Shepherd saying only white people are racist?

17 Oct

barbara walters says nigger

Some words should just never be used. Not by whites, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, men, children, Mormons, Catholics – not by any of us.

I can think of a long list of words that fall into this category. They are words I just don’t ever, ever use. Such as “cu**,” the “N” word, “tits,” “cock,” etc.

Other words in my home that cannot be used are “stupid,” “shut up” and “freaking.” It’s really quite irritating to hear a 3-year-old say, “I said freaking stop.” I try to teach my children to use better vocabulary and some words are just degrading and disrespectful. When we allow others to use these words against us, we are saying, “I don’t respectful myself so you don’t have to either.”

That said, while I don’t believe in using certain language, why is it okay for some and not others based on their gender, race or sexual orientation?

I read an article in QSaltLake yesterday that said “… where queer-minded people …” It used the word “queer” multiple times. If I said that, as a heterosexual, in any of my articles, I’m pretty sure I’d be getting some hate mail.

Then I watched the highly debated clip from The View in which Whoopi Goldberg says the “N” word, multiple times. Barbara Walters, saying the name of an actual place and not in slang, says the “N” word. Sherri Shepherd has a come apart.

Watch clip here

Skip to 2:40 into the video and you clearly hear and see her telling Walters that it is okay for Goldberg to say the word, but it is NOT okay for Walters. Why? Because she’s white.

Am I the only one realizing that this makes Shepherd racist?

And since she continuously shows her racism throughout the nearly 10-minute clip, why isn’t everyone outraged about this? Instead they are angry with Walters and those like Dr. Laura for saying a word, not in harshness, that black people say all the time.

Are only white people racist? Do other races get a pass for some reason? Aren’t bad words still bad words no matter who says them?


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3 responses to “Is Sherri Shepherd saying only white people are racist?

  1. Joel Sanders

    October 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Jen…I can’t get the clip link to work here, but I saw this last week and it’s complete CRAP. Double standard all the way. I feel like white people are one of the only people who are really looked down upon these days. I am in no way prejudiced against anyone for their race..but I am getting angry at all of the reverse discrimination.

  2. Jason

    October 17, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    This video is ridiculous, and one simple fact is the heavy black woman, I don’t know her name, is obviously very unintelligent and I could care less what her opinion is on anything when she clearly is a dope. Still… I hold this view, words are words, and it is the INTENT with which they are spoken (or written) that gives them any power. I also believe in taking the time to refine your vocabulary and learn to express yourself, clearly without using the same handful of words that I hear so many using… but it is a matter of choice and we as a people need to stand for what WE stand for, but not force our stand point on others. We get stuck up on the words we are using, and miss the bigger picture, of loving and respecting one another. Great post.


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