‘Occupy’ organizers: Where were you?

11 Oct

When Occupy Wall Street began protesting a month ago, I was excited to see “something” being done. It wasn’t necessarily the “something” I had been arguing for on Fox News Radio each time I compelled listeners to pay attention to what is happening to America and what our government is doing to it’s citizens.

I am new to this realization that our freedoms have been taken away from us little by little, in such a way that we freely give them up believing it will keep us safer. I am new to the realization that more taxes and more spending and more entitlement programs and bailouts are bankrupting not only our country, but individual households. Greed and fear have gripped our nation until we’ve begged the government to save us with stricter laws and more welfare programs, while hardworking Americans are laughed at and called “selfish.”

So when the Occupy movement began, I was excited to see some action. And then came “Occupy Saint George,” and I watched from the sidelines to see what they were about. They have said they are not sure what their demands are, but they are going to be heard by marching through city offices and attending a city council meeting to make their presence known.

By all means, there are usually plenty of seats. (They do realize some key officials are not in this week due to the Wagon Train, right?)

It wasn’t long ago, maybe a month ago, that the City of St. George held an open town hall meeting where residents could be seen and heard. Where were these protestors then, I ask? Two weeks Fox News Radio held a city council candidates debate and asked for public input and invited them to attend the event for free. Where were the protestors then? Primary elections were held in September, and only 12% of voters showed up. Where were the protestors then? When you are asked to volunteer and make your community better, are you there?

One of the Occupy Saint George organizers is occasionally there. He has made his presence known, he has made his voice heard. I commend him for trying to help make the city a better place to live. But I wonder, is that what they are asking for? And how do they plan on doing it aside from a few protests on Saturdays?

To all Occupiers, I know what you are against. It is easy to point blame and say “things suck.” But tell me what you are for. Tell me what you believe in, and tell me how you are going to accomplish it. Are you going to volunteer and participate in your city dealings, or just complain about them and march in a few protests until you find something better to do with your time?

Before making “demands” on the city or the government, first establish who is responsible for answering to your demands.

You are. We must take responsibility for our contributions to the mess before we can fix them. If you really want change, it starts with you. And until there is some organization and clear goals from the Occupiers, I fear no one will take this very seriously.

And if those goals include more laws, more government, more invasion of the free market by Congress and forgiving student loan debt, then Occupiers are only asking for more of what they say they are against.


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3 responses to “‘Occupy’ organizers: Where were you?

  1. Aros A. Mackey

    October 11, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Well said!

  2. Anonymous

    October 11, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Jen, good luck on that one, I saw a clip on MSN, (SHAME ON ME FOR LOOKING-BUT I WAS SPYING) wished I had taped it, but I was laughing so hard and crying at the sametime! The just of it was, they, whoever was doing the interview wanted to: summing it up! Redistribute the wealth, free housing, free health care, a government guaranteed income of at least $20.00 an hour, rather you work or not, free college eduction, They had like 12 things they wanted. In my opinion, any movement that will improve this great country is welcome, but efore they start, they need to have a direction, which this group dosen’t.

  3. Anonymous

    October 13, 2011 at 8:19 am

    You nailed it Jen. Really easy to say I don’t like this, I blame you for that. Much harder to say This is what I think should be done to fix the problem. Even harder still to stand up and ‘DO’ something positive.


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