This is what we’ve created: Judge Judy points out flaws with entitlement programs

03 Oct

Before you read this, please view the above video in its entirety. I was told this clip was removed from CBS. I hope the video works by the time you read this.

(Waiting. No seriously, go watch the video. I’ll still be here when you return.)

Did you watch it? Are you shocked? Has your jaw dropped to the floor?

I should end this blog right here. The video says it all.

But if you watch it, you realize there are still those out there who don’t get it! $70,000+ thrown down the drain! $70,000 to educate a man who doesn’t understand that he has to pay rent with the money the taxpayers gave him for RENT. He decided he didn’t want to pay rent, so he spent the money elsewhere. On himself, he admits. And the worst part, he doesn’t see the problem with that.

As Judge Judy said, we don’t want to pay for your rent, but the government says we have to!

Folks, I don’t want people living on the streets and going hungry but where does it end? Our entitlement programs are not only helping to bankrupt our country, but this is the type of Americans we are creating. What a sad future for our great country if these people will be running things some day.

And while I’m complaining, a message to our Congress:

Please stop using our hard earned money on people who won’t return the favor. Please stop using our taxpayer dollars to fund wars we didn’t agree to and aren’t officially involved in. Please stop building universities in countries that hate us and don’t want us there, but will take our handouts. Please quit taking away our manufacturing jobs and putting Americans on unemployment, and then giving 52 billion dollars to a bank that should have gone under and doesn’t deserve to remain in business. Please stop bailing out large corporations at the expense of the people who elected you into office.

Because if you don’t, we will take back America. We will vote you out. We will march peacefully on the Brooklyn Bridge regardless of how many of us you arrest. We will stand united for the people, not for the members of Congress who steal our money to gain power.

God bless America!


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3 responses to “This is what we’ve created: Judge Judy points out flaws with entitlement programs

  1. Anonymous

    October 3, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Jen, God love Judge Judy, she tells these governent takers almost daily on her show, the minute she finds out they are on welfare or some other gimmie program she usually tells them “so we are supporting you”! In fact she does it so often, it would virtually be impossible to cut them all! We need more people like her, that is not afraid to be politically correct! In other words say it the way it needs to be said!

  2. Anonymous

    October 13, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Unfortunately the video is no longer available. Is there somewhere else I can go to watch it?


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