It’s impolite to say ‘Bless You’

30 Sep

God bless you. To your health. Salut.

However you prefer to say it, it’s just a polite thing to do. When someone sneezes, the proper response is, well, something. And for many, “bless you” is an involuntary reaction.

But a teacher in Florida docked students’ grades for being polite, of all things. How dare those teenagers!

This is what our world is coming to? Sadly, yes it seems so. And while viewing the video on Fox News, I saw other videos that showed exactly what our world is coming to.

The Red Eye crew on Fox News began bashing a farmer in Ireland for telling Rhianna to leave his property because she was improperly dressed. (She was there shooting a video) I cheered on the farmer for having morals, they trashed him for it. I thought, “This is what our society has come to when the national media treats this gentleman like a piece of crap and our First Lady says Beyonce is a role model.” Sad.

Now we’ve got people (I decided I was being judgmental and removed my previous word) in Salt Lake City running around in bras and panties because they say they want Utah to lighten up it’s laws (yeah that’s gonna do the trick). And then those same type of girls wonder why men treat them like piece of meat. Ladies, letting the world see you in your panties while you hop up and down is not going to get you respect.

America, what have we allowed our country to become?

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One response to “It’s impolite to say ‘Bless You’

  1. Joel Sanders

    September 30, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Jen…my sentiments exactly on all issues. I thought the farmer in Ireland is a hero of sorts! So proud of him, I hope he feels supported as do the students.


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