CNN’s LZ Gunderson Attacks Michele Bachmann for all the Wrong Reasons

14 Jul

Women provide a valuable asset to our society, but few find the time to make a difference on a national level. Between career, family, keeping up the house, our side projects and our community organizations, women accomplish things that leave men scratching their heads.

No I’m not bashing on men here. They provide a valuable asset, as well. But I think women go largely unnoticed despite the amount of work they do and skills they provide. Women have a large influence in our society and I think there are men out there who are terrified of women coming into power? Why? Well insecurities aside, maybe it’s because women can tackle 10 projects with expertise and not blink an eye.

I have been paying a bit of attention to Michele Bachmann since she announced she would throw her hat in the ring for the GOP 2012 Presidential elections. Bachmann is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and is the first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in Congress (according to Wikipedia).

Bachmann was raised by a single mother after her parents divorced and beat the statistics of becoming “nothing” after being raised in a single parent household. She went to law school, worked for the IRS as an attorney and then left her job to give the ultimate sacrifice – a full time mother. She and her husband were foster parents for 23 children and worked with girls with eating disorders.

As far as I can tell, she doesn’t believe in abortion, helped start a charter school and opposes gay marriage. Oh, and I believe she argued against the completely idiotic light bulb bill. She believes Americans have the right to decide about which light bulbs they want to use – especially since the new ones contain high amounts of mercury.

Light bulbs – sounds silly, right? It is. So why did the bill pass?

Why do I bring all this up? Not because I plan to vote for Bachmann. Ron Paul has got me swayed pretty well for the first time ever.

But because LZ Gunderson, a weekly columnist is at it again. Remember when he called young girls tramps and prostitutes for dressing inappropriately? He had some great points about parents needing to dress their daughters better, but you CANNOT call a girl or woman a tramp or prostitute regardless of what she wears. More on that in a previous column I wrote for Alive! Magazine.

In his new piece on CNN, Gunderson says he just doesn’t get it when it comes to Bachmann. He “gets” Romney (first red flag) but he just doesn’t get Bachmann (second red flag). Hmmm, could it be that Gunderson was the Journalist of the Year by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and Romney ran a state that allowed gay marriage and won’t pick a dog in that fight despite his claim to follow his Mormon faith? Could it be that Bachmann heavily fights against gay marriage?

Gunderson’s biggest issue in this column seems to be that Bachmann wants to rid the nation of porn (I could give you a dozen links from my newspaper on why porn is so extremely damaging to society.) Is regulating porn (not child porn) the right thing to do?

No, you can’t go against the Constitution and take away people’s rights even when they are stupid and ruining themselves and their family. But that doesn’t stop Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) from trying and I don’t see Gunderson writing a column about him. And following the Constitution certainly hasn’t been working for our current Congress and President

So Bachmann has morals. And you want to slam her because of THAT. I would say right now is probably not the time to rid the government of morals. They need them now more than ever.

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