Coolest iPhone Apps

09 Jun

Super 8

I realize that the purpose of the Super 8 video app is to promote their new movie (which looks really good), but the app is really pretty dang cool. It makes any video look like it was shot in the ’70s. As an added bonus, because of the suspense of the upcoming movie, you’re waiting for that “jump at you terrifying moment” when you watch a video made with the Super 8 app.


I’m not a great photographer and I don’t have a great camera. I use my iPhone camera a lot, but even better I love the Instagram app. Any photo can be instantly changed with lighting and made to look professional and creative.


Shameless plug, I know. But it really is a cool app and awesome way to listen to our radio show each morning. You can post right on the KZNU wall and listen to the show even if you aren’t near the radio.

Other favorites:

Square Up allows you to process credit cards on your phone

Shazam records anything I’m listening to on the radio so I can remember to buy the track in iTunes later

myAT&T so I can pay my phone bill quickly

MC tracks “women stuff”



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