A Woman’s Right to Choose

01 Jun

a womans right to chooseIf you’ve ever listened to the radio show you know that my biggest issue with TSA is the invasion of our bodies during these very inappropriate pat downs. My body is mine and mine alone and I will chose who can do what to it.

If I don’t want to take a certain medicine that the doctor thinks will save my life – that is my choice. If I choose to drink Diet Coke every day – that is my choice. I will determine what I do with my future and the government will not tell me what choices I can make regarding my body.

A lot of people in support of abortion use that as their reasoning for killing a child.

Can I remind these people that they have already made a choice?

They made a choice to have sex.

An abortion affects the life of someone else. A life you chose to bring into this world. Now that your choice has been made, you must live with that. If you don’t want to have that baby that you chose to bring into this world, may I offer you a solution: Adoption.

In the instance that someone was raped or the child is born of incest, that is a very sad thing and I believe every decision we make should be made on an individual basis. If the options are to save your life or the pregnancy, you may choose to end that pregnancy. If you were raped, or even just stupid (say you got drunk and had a one night stand), I would suggest the Morning After Pill.


Did you know that it takes a few days after the sperm entering your body before you get pregnant? The Morning After Pill stops you from getting pregnant; it does not end your pregnancy.

It also should not be used as a form of birth control. But accidents happen, and so does rape.

If you are considering an abortion, I hope you keep in mind that you have already made your choice. Your choice to end that baby’s life is on the same level as murder.

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