A Pageant So Inspiring, Even ‘Militant’ Jen Almost Shed a Tear

15 May

I always believed in the Mrs. Utah United States pageant. I believe in honoring women for their roles as wives and mothers. But what I really liked was honoring them for their community services, careers, using their voice to propel their platform while still being good wives and mothers. I believe in honoring their spouses and children for supporting them in that, as well.

After months of preparation for the 2011 pageant, I think I began to lose sight of that. Preparing for something so great while switching jobs, worrying over medical things I had no choice over, and the drama and stress of certain friendships and relationships ending … well it all took its toll. But last night I remembered why we decided to do this in the first place. Last night I watched seven remarkable women do something many women are not brave enough to do. Last night, even the hardened militant Jen almost shed a tear.

I listened to these women talk about their platforms with more conviction and strength than anything I had heard in a long time. I saw their husband’s eyes fill with pride and love as these women walked across the stage to greet them. I heard the tender words these men wrote to explain the love they had for their soul mate.

By the end of the pageant, even I was moved and slightly disappointed it was over. We had worked for that day to come, and it had turned out beautifully and the women were stunning. I was happy to have the pageant, but not quite ready for it to be over.

As one of the directors, I am so grateful I didn’t have to choose the winner, because I wouldn’t have been able to. The seven contestants were all so beautiful and inspiring on their way that I was heartbroken I couldn’t name them all Mrs. Utah. I’m sure a lot of women say that because they think they should, but I’ve never been good at giving out fake compliments. These women, each one of them, were truly something special.

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