TSA ‘Sexually Assaults’ Miss USA

28 Apr

They’re making me choose between being molested and radiation, says Miss USA in a YouTube video after going through a pat down at the airport by a TSA agent who physically touched her vagina.

Miss USA Susie Castillo was touched four times on her vagina by a TSA agent. TSA’s response was to give her a comment card to fill out.

“I’d rather do a pat down or go through the scanner than be blown up,” a TSA agent told her.

No one has been killed on an airplane by terrorists since 9/11. However, because one would-be shoe bomber attempts to go on board, we must all remove our shoes. Because of another nut, we must all separate our lotions and face wash.

However, every year approximately 16,000 people are killed in alcohol-related crashes. We don’t ban alcohol. We don’t set up checks for every driver who goes on the road. Officers wait until someone is driving erratically to pull them over.

And that’s the difference. Law enforcement officers are trained to wait until someone is acting suspiciously or until they have broken the law before detaining them. But now here in America, you can’t travel freely throughout your country without fear of being molested or going through the porno screener – Even if you haven’t broken the law.

“Any society that would give up their liberty to obtain temporary security, deserves neither and loses both.” – Benjamin Franklin

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