How Senator Orrin Hatch Lost My Vote

26 Apr

orrin hatch reelection

As a journalist, maybe I’m not allowed to have an opinion on politicians and maybe I’m not allowed to tell you whom I am going to vote for. But as a co-host on Fox News Radio, giving my opinion is exactly what I’m supposed to do, so here it is.

I’ve always liked Senator Hatch when I’ve met him in person but I’ve been torn by his reelection efforts. Yes, being in office that long gives him a lot of pull and power for Utah, but being in office that long also means losing site of what’s best for Utah, and focusing on what’s best for Sen. Hatch and his buddies in DC.

But today he really pushed my vote to one side. Senator Hatch posted on Facebook that he doesn’t believe in funding for Planned Parenthood. Many people agree with him. I agree with part of that. But I also wanted to make sure he understood something very important about Planned Parenthood: On more than one occasion, Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings have saved my life.

At times over the last few years when I have not had insurance, I have gotten my annual pap smears at Planned Parenthood because they were more affordable and I could make payments. Note I did NOT say that I took the option of having my debt with them forgiven to be paid for by the taxpayers. I took the option of making payments.

On two occasions, Planned Parenthood has caught an abnormal pap smear that led to multiple surgeries and scares, but saved my life. Had I not gotten that test, I would have progressed to a point that surgeries and medications could not have worked so easily (sure wasn’t easy at the time). But looking back, I am here to raise my two kids. What was originally thought to be high-grade HPV has turned into something more on one occasion, and we were able to take care of it because we caught it early.

I posted this on Senator Hatch’s comment on Facebook: “Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings saved my life.” It was deleted from what I can tell. I checked both his Facebook pages multiple times because I was so shocked that he deleted my comment, but left up others where people were far harsher on him than I was.

Senator Hatch, I don’t mind that you and I disagree. But your unwillingness to let people see the other side of the story just lost you a vote.

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