Careful What You Ask For

07 Apr

A few months ago I could have told you exactly what I wanted and how, if only I could just have this one little thing (it seemed like a really big thing at the time), then I could be blissfully happy forever.

The naive things we girls ask for.

Six weeks ago that one little thing (remember it was a really big deal to me at the time), was stripped away from my life almost overnight. I was devastated, angry and heartbroken. At that point I was mostly angry. I spent the first few weeks pretty upset and trying not to show it, but I think it came out loud and clear.

Then I spent the next few weeks easing into my new life and slowly realizing, hey this new life is a lot more peaceful. I could focus on other things more clearly that really were important but had taken a backseat while I focused and fought for what I thought I wanted and needed in life. And “fought” is probably the best descriptive word in this situation.

As I began to focus on things that were important, new and better things began happening. I met some really incredible people, I completed projects that were vital to my success, and my children were more peaceful because everyone was less stressed. My home life became a lot easier – though slightly empty.

Last week I received an email that really threw me for a loop. It turned into a job offer with Canyon Media, which then turned into the Morning Show Co-Host on Fox News Radio with Bryan Hyde – who is just incredibly talented. It’s the dream job I never knew I wanted!

Looking back to six weeks ago, would all these wonderful things had happened had I gotten what I had asked for? I really don’t know, but I doubt it. Some days I still feel like something is missing – there’s still a void in my life that I haven’t filled – but I think I’m on a better path to finding it than I was six months ago.

Have you ever wanted something, then later became very grateful when you didn’t get it?


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Posted by on April 7, 2011 in Relationships & Personal Growth


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