Terri Clark: Heartbroken but Moving On

03 Apr
terri clark and jen watkins

With Terri Clark before Unplugged concert in St. George, Utah

A few weeks ago a man told me “If you’re beautiful and single there is something wrong with you.” I tried to argue the beautiful part, but I’m definitely single. I wish I had had this response at that time: “Just because I won’t settle doesn’t mean I won’t settle down,” – lyrics to a Terri Clark song. I have no idea if that song is on her new album coming out this summer, I intend to get it immediately, but that song made me go buy Terri’s last CD “Long Way Home” which I hadn’t even known about until I interviewed her before her concert. She played in St. George on April 1.

Terri Clark was one of my favorite interviews of all time: We talked about girl stuff, broken hearts, failed relationships, why we jump into passionate relationships too quickly and then get burned. In other words, she was pretty down to earth.

While interviewing Terri, she told me that she had spent many years drinking and partying (she joked about alcohol quite a bit in her concert, funny considering she was in Utah). I liked her attitude and her easy going personality, though I don’t think everyone in the audience enjoyed her humor.

I’ve never seen Terri in concert before, but I really enjoyed the Unplugged concert because I think her personality really came out. I thought she was hilarious and I wish the videos I had taken had shown how good she really is. In person, her voice is incredible – much better than what you hear on the radio.

She opened up on stage and I was under the distinct impression (she mentioned it a few times) that she is going through something really difficult right now. Based on her humor, I gather recent troubles include matters of the heart. And being newly heartbroken myself, I appreciated her humor and her strength. I thought her openness was inspiring. Seeing her struggle but work hard to be strong and overcome that obstacle was healing for me.

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