How To Take Your Life Back Post Breakup and Keep it on Track

21 Mar

In my dating life I have met some great people, and some I would love to forget, including:

Mr. Did-I-Say-I-Was-Divorced-But-We-Really-Are-Separated

Mr. I-Want-To-Be-With-You-When-It’s-Convenient-For-Me

Mr. It’s-Not-You-I’m-Just-Afraid-Of-Commitment

Mr. I-Love-You-I-Just-Love-My-Alcohol/Friends/Porn-More

Mr. I-Really-Wanted-You-Till-I-Got-You-I-Wonder-What-My-Ex-Girlfriend-Is-Doing-Tonight

And I’ve even met Mr. I-Really-Am-A-Good-Guy-So-Why-Is-That-A-Bad-Thing-To-Women?

Yeah, I kick myself some times.

One day not long ago I, like many women, was looking for answers to many relationship questions. Why does he spend so much time with me if he doesn’t want a relationship? If he calls me does that mean he changed his mind? If he says he’ll stop XYZ destructive behavior but hasn’t stopped, will he ever stop? If he calls me after he’s moved on with someone else, does that mean he wants me back or that he’s a two-timing assclown?

Assclown is not my word? It’s Natalie’s and I’ve adopted it. Natalie is the author of Baggage Reclaim and I had the privilege of writing a story for my newspaper about her today. Whether single, divorced, in a relationship, male or female, you will find some great things on this blog. And what I really learned is, I’m definitely not alone, and once an assclown, always an assclown.

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