Social Media – Everyone’s Doing It

19 Mar

social mediaOh how I love the concept of Facebook: Keep in touch with friends from years past, track down old high school friends to see how they have aged, play Scrabble with your best friend because she lives in an hour away so you don’t get to see her often. I love Twitter, quick and brief news updates, Instagram, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Yelp … the list goes on and on. And now there is a new thing called “Stik” that I haven’t checked out yet.

“But, Jen!” <gasp> “It’s part of Social Media and you MUST do it!!”

That might be true. And it might not be. I haven’t looked into it yet to see if it is.

I really do love social media, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. You’re shocked, I know.

I am currently putting together the marketing analysis for the company I work for. It is several dozen pages and includes what we’ve been doing, what we need to be doing, and the timeframe. And guess what? The social media part comes in later, much later.

I’ve been watching businesses jump on board with Facebook and I think it’s great. Engaging your customers and fans is a wonderful idea and Facebook pages is a good way to do that. But now you’re throwing out your marketing and PR plans and thinking that Facebook is going to bring in this huge revenue and you did it for free! Um, back up a few steps. Social Media does NOT replace customer service. It does NOT replace personal contact. It helps spread word of mouth referrals but I sure hope you aren’t putting all your eggs in that basket.

I love teaching people how to use social media in their companies, but I think one of the most important things that you need to remember, is that social media should enhance your current marketing plan – not replace it. This week I’ll be putting together an article titled “How to Incorporate Social Media Into Your PR and Marketing Campaigns.” I hope that you find it useful and that you can try the things I’ve learned from the experts I’ve come to trust.

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