Are You Attracting Readers?

16 Mar

I received an email from the Examiner today with five tried and true tips for getting more readers. I know that it was an email meant for us journalists, but I think it also applies to bloggers, social media posts, etc.

The very first, most important tip, they explained, is quality, quality, quality. That has always been true and always will be.

I taught a PR and Social Media Marketing class not long ago and I showed the class many examples of good and bad blogs, Facebook business pages, marketing campaigns and PR campaigns. And I can attest that the Examiner is 100% correct. Quality is the most important thing you can have to attract readers and get good attention.

So what does that mean? In newspapers it means that your articles are timely and for the good of the community. In blogs, it means that your blog has a purpose (Unless you’re like me and you are all over the place. I think the purpose of my blog is general advice and sometimes inspiring). Are you using your blog to bring attention to a charity? Maybe it’s for gluten-free recipes. I have another blog that is dedicated to the brokenhearted who write love letters to their lost love (I know, I’m a romantic at heart). I have a friend who focuses on marketing and social media tips. Another who focuses on relationship advice and getting over him. And I even know someone who appears to be using it as a diary or a place to complain about local business members (probably a bad idea).

In Facebook business pages it means you are interacting with your friends, talking with them not at them. You are engaging them, not spamming them with constant posts. In twitter, you have gotten the etiquette of 140 characters while still making your point and including a short URL and some hash tags. Congratulations if you’ve mastered that one!

The point is, you can pay a lot of money to buy links and you can pay a lot of money to an SEO company and there are many many things you can do. But if you have poor quality, it is money and time down the drain. You will not keep your readers coming back. Focus on quality first, everything else second.

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