Fun Adventures Close to Home

03 Mar

When I discovered that my son’s spring break plans were going to be canceled or postponed, I knew I had to find something fun for him to do instead – on a single mom’s budget. So I asked my Facebook friends, only to find that they are pretty dang clever! Here were their great ideas:

Tracy: Do a scavenger hunt. Get out a map and find different locations to go to Dixie Rock, Cove Fort, a hill top somewhere. then make up clues for him to figure out where the next location is. Give him the next clue when you get to the location he figured out. Even for lunch, give him clues to his fav restaurant…In and Out….. If he collects things. Have him find a rock or take a picture, then when he finishes he will have the memories of that day. The last location should be some sort of store to buy a box for the rocks or a photo album, but still make him figure out the clue to the gift.

Mark: Take him to the rides in Vegas, and the bunny ranch.

Jenny: Arches in Moab – A great adventure!

Colter: Vegas is 2 hours away, a lot closer than Idaho (Grandma’s house). Leave early morning, spend the day at the Adventure Dome, maybe see the free show at the Bellagio, or Treasure Island, stop by the M & M store and buy him a souvenir, and head home. Perfect 1 day trip.

Johnny: Lagoon and Hogle Zoo.

Spring: Hoover Dam is a super cool day trip, too! My kids loved it, and you can drive over the new bridge!

Tracy: Grand Canyon!

Sandie: I would go along with Johnny on this one… Not sure Vegas is a good place for kids and the fun for them is short lived because of all the restrictions… Never been to the Hogle Zoo or Lagoon, but heard it was fun… Although in Vegas there is this really cool place that I took my grandson to. It was a nature park and it took all day to go through and its way interesting… All kinds of things a boy would like… It’s called Springs Reserve… They even have workshops where the kids can make things…

Jane: I say Vegas, lots to do, it is close. It is exciting as Disney would have been – the shows, Freemont Street, the over head show, painting vendors, fun junk food for treats (ok I know but come on one day’s worth is ok). The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the lions at MGM, the white tigers at Mirage, the pools are open already. I say even stay a night just not a weekend night, too expensive then. Good luck, I know as a Mom it’s hard to see our kids disappointed, but we can only do what we can.

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