The Best Advice I Ever Received

01 Mar

I recently, um today actually, I had to make what I thought was a very hard decision. I knew how I felt about the situation deep down and then I would second-guess myself. I knew how my friends felt about the situation and I knew from a great deal of study on the subject what advice I would be given by pros on this particular subject.

Sometimes we have to do things that are hard, that’s part of being an adult. But I didn’t really want to. Sometimes we have to give up things that we love because it’s not right for us, or we don’t have the time or we simply need to make room in our lives for things that makes sense. And giving up can be so hard to do.

Today on my quest for the “right answer,” I asked very few people for advice. I spent a good amount of time, however, really focusing on what was best for Jen and my career, family, etc. But I received the best advice I’d ever been given by someone who knew very little about the situation. He didn’t actually give me any advice, he simply asked the following questions:

Are you happy?
What do YOU want to happen?
How long have you felt that way?

And suddenly I realized that deep down, I had the answers all along. That did make following through with the right answer slightly easier. Sometimes we just have to look within ourselves to find out what is best for us.

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