How To Get a Job in ‘This’ Economy Part 3

18 Feb

The economy is picking up. I decided this because I had two offers this week where companies created a PR/Social Media position to offer it to me after I applied for a different position. Granted it’s less than what I made before, but I’ll take it – and happily! What does this mean? I will begin spending money, paying back old debts and having a better outlook on the future. This is GOOD news! It’s good news for you, too, because companies are hiring!

Those Short Term Jobs on Your Resume

I worked in Park City as the Sports Editor for the Park Record. I loved my job, wasn’t so fond of the town, cold, etc. I left after nine months. Now nine months is not a long time and I’ve been asked why I left so early. Be honest! I wanted to come home. I missed the people of St. George, I missed the small town, country living. I missed the desert. I HATE the snow and cold. And I was burnt out. Do you know how many hours it takes to cover three high schools, multiple Olympic teams, all the outdoor recreation and more when you are the only sports reporter? I was tired, becoming bitter and homesick. And I’m honest when people ask me why I left, I wanted to come home. It was exciting at first, but I belong in the desert. And employers can see from my resume that I stayed with Today in Dixie for quite awhile. I would still be there if they were still producing a printed paper in St. George.

What not to do:

I was in one of my favorite hangouts this week when I overheard an interview taking place. The applicant was complaining about her prior boss and all the things this boss had done to the employees. They sounded valid, but I couldn’t help thinking she came off as bitter and dramatic. This is not what a new employer wants to hear. They want to solve problems if you have one, but they don’t want there to be a new problem every time they turn around. Besides, you left that job, so why complain to someone who can’t fix it?

Be Honest About Your Future Plans

I like to volunteer. I run the Mrs. Utah United States pageant and an online newspaper with the help of two partners. We don’t make anything, but we believe so much in what we do that none of us can walk away. I’m always asked, and it’s assumed, that I will leave the newspaper for a new job. No I won’t. That why I have two partners.

If St. George News was a job, I wouldn’t be job hunting. And I am honest about this. With two partners, the paper does not take as much time as it used to and is not nearly as stressful as before. I do not have to work on the newspaper during work hours to keep it going. I do most of my editing at night and then I schedule the stories to go up in the morning, or I post them in the morning myself.

Most companies believe in community service, and when I explain it that way, they understand that I won’t be secretly working on paper stuff when I’m supposed to be working for them.

I’m also asked about my future plans. I get a little testy when people presume that I plan on leaving St. George because my ex husband moved away. St. George is MY home, not just his.

OK, I’m from Idaho, but if I wanted to move back to Idaho, I would have years ago and besides, I’ve been divorced three years. Pretty sure I would have left by now. But in all fairness, I understand why a company doesn’t want to invest in someone who might move away (though why they think I would move away I still haven’t figured out).

The answer: I am rooted here. I started a newspaper, I run a pageant, my children have attend this school district for four year (besides my one year away in Park City), and if losing my job at Today in Dixie was the deciding factor for where I lived, I would have left by now. I WANT to be here and I have no reason to leave. Most people leave to get a job, but if I’m hired by a local company, there’s definitely no reason to leave.

I know the future seems bleak right now. I know that your biggest concern is whether or not you can pay rent next month. I encourage you to stay true to who you are, consider vocational school rather than committing to a 6-year Bachelor’s degree you may not even finish if you are simply avoiding the depression of job hunting, put out those four resumes (hopefully three times that) every week even if it’s not the ideal job and don’t give up. Your time job hunting should be a full time job, but it’s also a good time to stop and think about who you are. What do you want your future to look like? What career can you see yourself in five years down the road?

And you may not have money, but pamper yourself! Seriously. Every night I take a hot bath after I put the kids to bed. I read a book while in there, and I close the door. This is “my” time and my children know it and they don’t bug me. Pick whatever it is that makes you relax. Sometimes I just stop for 60 seconds and practice deep breathing, I start my morning with the Warrior Stance, I give myself pedicures instead of paying for them, I dress a little nicer even if I’m not working that day because it makes me feel good about myself. Get out of those jogging pants, get out of the house for a little bit every day and when you are so overwhelmed and stressed about your problems, write them down and then walk away from that paper for an hour or two. Don’t let life get you down or it will be harder to find the solution to getting out of the problem.

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