When Someone Does You Wrong

07 Feb

I thought this was such a great article!

Here are some simple steps to follow the next time someone does you wrong.

Step back and don’t take it personally

It may look like an attack, it may feel like an attack, it may sound like an attack, but most of the time it’s not an attack. It’s not really about you. You are just the lucky person it’s being taken out on.

Every attack is actually a request for love. It is a bad request for love, but it is one.

This person probably has a self-esteem problem.

If we could get inside their head, the real problem would sound something like, “I don’t feel loved” or “I’m afraid of being treated unfairly” or “I’m scared that I’m not important.”

So don’t waste your time and energy defending yourself because you don’t need to. It’s not about you.

The offender may be taking it out on you and trying really hard to paint you as the bad guy in the situation, but that doesn’t mean you are.

Don’t take on the problem and make it yours. Instead, choose not to be offended.

Choose to step back and look at where this person is coming from and what’s going on in his or her life.

Read the rest of the story here. It’s not my article, I take no credit for this, it is just a really really great read!

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