There is No Prince Charming: Getting Out of Debt Day 2

07 Feb

Remember what I said about maybe you won’t need to buy this book? Buy this book! Well, buy the book if you’re young and want to get out of debt and stay out of debt. As it states in the introduction, if you’re young, and yes, I still consider myself young, then you have time to fix this. If you’re older and looking at investments or have children in college, I would suggest another one of her books.

Today I made it through the introduction. Well, I work and have kids, so life is busy! But I highly suggest not skipping the intro. It was inspiring, but also made me realize I definitely bought the right book for my situation.

The intro explains how to navigate the book, but also gives you hope. She gets it! My finances are not my priority, but it’s on my mind and I want to tackle it and fix it before it gets any worse. So it is somewhat of a priority. But I’m not freaking out. No, I’m one of those in denial girls.  I can’t pay this bill so I don’t open it until I can. Hmmm not a good idea, but I know there are some of you out there who get it. I want to save for my child’s education, but I don’t even have a rainy day fund, house or retirement account. Is there help for someone “that bad off?” Apparently there is! And apparently I’m not alone!

I read through Suze’s list of “What broke means” and said “Yep, she gets it.” And now I have hope and not only will I get through this, but I won’t go back to it again! And it has a handy glossary in case I really want to know what a Roth IRA is.

If you buy the book, you’ll receive a code for the online Action Planner. You input your data and get real, not generic, advice.

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