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06 Jan

Mrs. Utah United States pageant

A few years ago, when I was married, I signed up for the Mrs. Utah pageant to do a story for my newspaper. I had visions of Miss Congeniality – you’re more likely to see this ex cop with a gun than you are with a dress.

I was shocked when I made lasting friendships with some of the most incredibly talented women I had ever met. I was always the girl who made fun of beauty pageants until I was actually in one and I realized what they truly were – a way to honor hard working women and let those women in turn give back to the community.

The Mrs. Utah United States pageant is special because it really focuses on a platform – what the women individually believe in. And while there is a swimsuit competition, the major focus of the pageant is what each woman stands for and fights for. Maybe that’s family, eating disorders, gun control or responsibility, autism and more.

Last night I stepped in as the director of Mrs. Utah and I, as well as my business partners at Sentric Media, are proud to be a part of such an amazing organization. The previous director, Cindy, was an incredible woman and I look up to her for all that she has accomplished and done for these women.

This year, the Mrs. Utah pageant will be held in sunny St. George – more details coming soon. We have incredibly talented choreographers, photographers, videographers and more that will help make this an amazing event. All we need is you – the contestant to help make this a memorable year.

To sign up, email me at

pageant for married women

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