My New Year’s Resolution

30 Dec

I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution before. Probably because I’m one of those people who does whatever I want anyway. Good or bad, I’ve never had a problem making a decision, running with it, and hoping for the best. Usually there’s a planning process in there somewhere, too.

But this year, I’ve made two resolutions. The first are some changes to my dating rules after having my heart broken at the end of a seven-month relationship with someone I thought was pretty dang wonderful (hindsight is 20/20 though right?).

The second involves my businesses – I’m the Publisher of St. George News and co-founder of The Social Network Site. Currently, St. George News is run by volunteers who enjoy writing for a newspaper that believes more in the community than it does in sensationalism. I would like to see it turn into a full daily newspaper by the end of the year and with the incorporation of two new business partners coming on board next month, I think that is definitely a possibility.

The Social Network Site is still in the planning stages and with the training we’ve done ahead of time, I see this becoming a very good service to the community. (P.S. we have a Facebook for beginners class coming Jan. 12. Email me for more info:

But my really big New Year’s resolution when it comes to business is to finally finish the novel I started two years ago and work on getting it published.

Being a first-time New Year’s resolutionist (is that even a word?), I think of this more as setting goals. But putting them in writing might make me feel more obligated to accomplish them.

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