St. George flood proves Southern Utah is a place to be proud of

26 Dec
St. George Flood 2010

St. George Flood of 2010 was a near-diaster | Photo submitted to Dixie Press newspaper by Chad Sneddon

Last week, residents of Washington County narrowly missed a horrible tragedy. Just days before Christmas, residents were busily preparing sandbags instead of preparing to wrap Christmas presents.

As some residents began clearing their basements that were already flooding, other residents volunteered in such huge numbers that they were being turned away at volunteer centers sep up at city office buildings. Police, firefighters, city officials and more were working together in a way I had never witnessed before.

People didn’t react to the flood; they worked together to make it through the flood. Emergency services and city officials reacted as a whole, not as separate entities, giving updates and directions. Even media organizations began working together and sharing information – and trust me, that is unheard of.

While we didn’t come out of this unscathed, several homes were lost in Beaver Dam and roads damaged throughout Washington County, no major injuries were reported.

We live in an incredible community where, unlike the great flood in New Orleans several years ago, everyone came together and supported each other. No one feared looters and more crime. Obviously our little crisis was very minor compared to theirs. But our community, rather than lashing out at each other, joined together as a family.

Thank you to the emergency personnel, volunteers, city workers, and neighbors who made this near-disaster manageable. Thank you for making Southern Utah a wonderful place to call home, a place we can all be proud of.

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