The new threat: “I’ll un-friend you”

10 Dec

Yesterday my column in Alive! magazine was posted to their website and then I re-posted it to the Dixie Press Facebook page. The column was about Bob Bennett, his interview in Inc. magazine and his ousting from the Senate; and the selfishness of politicians these days in general.

But a Dixie Press reader very quickly called me a “Tea Party mouthpiece” and threatened to un-friend me for it. Keep in mind that I posted a sign a business owner had put up about Obama and was told I was being biased for supporting Obama (those who know me know that I am a liberal Republican who did not vote for Obama but did vote for Democrat Jim Matheson).

I digress, as usual. After being called a “Tea Party mouthpiece,” it became the new threat around the “office” (Rachel’s Coffee) – “I’ll un-friend you.” Dixie Press writer Ashlyn Neves even made it her Facebook status. But today I had to stop and think about what that could mean for businesses because today I un-friended a business from Facebook (Yes they had set it up as a profile and not a page – someone slap him on the hand). But I would have “unliked” him because he sent me yet another Facebook email trying to sell me something.

The more I get into social media, the more I learn about even email marketing campaigns. And here is an article I found overly useful, and I was slightly embarrassed to read. There are some very valuable tips to keeping your customers happy, and spamming them with email is never a good idea (as I apparently spammed over a thousand people with a LinkedIn request recently). As this article points out, just because you have their email, doesn’t mean you can use it.

The link to the article is here:

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