Best places to find great clothes in St. George, Utah, at a good price

03 Dec

Two years ago I was the ultimate tomboy – nothing but jeans, flip flops and white T-shirts. Becoming a business owner made me want to dress professionally, but cute and fashionable at the same time. I still wear my favorite jeans (they have several holes in them by now), but I dress them up with a cute top, some boots and a scarf or necklace. It’s amazing the difference a little accessorizing can make.

However, because I’m a business owner and mom, there’s very little money in the budget to replace a wardrobe. Little by little, piece by piece, I’ve made some good headway. And I’ve found the best three places in St. George, Utah, to find adorable clothes at a great price. And I recently heard of two new shops I need to check out soon (more to come on that later).

Bohme in the Red Cliffs Mall

This store is my new favorite! It came to our mall just a couple months ago and I can’t believe the tops I’ve found at a great price! But my favorite piece of clothing I got from them was a little black dress for only $40. Yep, I said $40! Check out the pic below!


I have to be so careful when I go into Target if I don’t have the money for shopping! I have yet to walk in without finding something adorable less than $25. Occasionally I’ve found really great items for around $40, but in general I try to stick to under $20 for one item (yes I’m cheap). And it’s paid off! Check out this great sweater I wore to the Focus Rally: America taped audition last month. It’s the pink one on the right.


I get all my jeans at Ross for under $15 and they look amazing (yes it matters how your butt looks in jeans) and they last forever. I can also find jeans that fit (I’m only 5’1″). I recently bought two pairs of jeans at Aeropostale for $20 each and hated them when I got home. But I’ve never gone wrong at Ross and I usually find some great tees and sweaters for anywhere from $6 to $12 – usually closer to $8.


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